Ultra Precision Cutting Tools
Controlled Waviness Tools
Superfine diamond tools
SINJIN manufactures tools for machining of lenses (modules) demanding high precision such as those of mobile phone camera, black box, telescopes, and medical devices in developing optical industries. The company also supplies ultra-precision diamond tools guaranteeing customer-tailored design and high quality.
High Precision
Tools of SINJIN Diamond are of excellent capabilities for acrylic materials and oxygen-free copper easy to machine as well as nickel alloy and aluminum hard to machine. Tools for DTM machining guarantee high abrasion resistance, and provide top precision of 50 nm of controlled waviness.
Ultra Precision Cutting Tools
Ultra-precision machining, through varying depending upon shape, size and material of workpiece, is defined as machining with dimensional tolerance of 0.005 to 0.01 μm, surface coarseness of 0.001 μm Rmax, and shape precision of 0.05 to 0.1 μm in ultra-precision machining by making use of single crystal diamond tools.
Camera lenses and black box lenses
Telescope lenses, and medical device lenses
best precision
Top precision yielded from strict inspection standards
SINJIN's product portfolio includes over 1,000 diamond tools. Please call us for any inquiry.+ Inquiry
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